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Growing Patterns Living Pigments by studio LIA sees it's mission in re-thinking fashion and textile design practices and production processes towards a more sustainable and healthy future. New technologies are being used to find alternative ways of thinking fashion. While the dyeing industry is seen as the biggest environment polluter in the production chain, a focus lies on bacteria dyeing, which brings numerous advantages over traditional dyeing techniques. The goal is to generate a broader application field for this technique and to find new ways of using bacteria for the dyeing of fabrics. In combination with techniques like UV and 3D-printing, laser engraving and -cutting as well as jacquard weaving, silk screening and so on, textile bacteria dyeing is pushed especially in aesthetic terms. Let's work together for creating a healthier future for this planet, our source giving us all resources we need. Especially water is such an important resource tremendously threatened by the dyeing industry. We want to see it healthy, pure, vivid and alive for us and all the generations coming after us.

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